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What We Do – ‘What goes up must come down’

We study interactions between humans, the atmosphere, and the biosphere in the context of a changing environment.  Specifically, we are interested in the many materials that enter terrestrial ecosystems from the atmosphere (what comes down), specifically:

  • How much of any given material is deposited to an ecosystem (quantity)
  • Why things land where and when they do (spatial and temporal pattern)
  • How human activities alter these inputs (human impact)
  • How changes in material inputs affect ecosystem processes, such as water or nutrient cycling (ecosystem impact)

Our research spans diverse ecosystems from tropical forest to urban, and advances understanding of the causes and consequences of changing land use/land cover and atmospheric drivers. 


Dr. Alexandra Ponette-González
Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment
Department of Geography and the Environment (
University of North Texas (

Tel:  940-565-4012
Fax: 940-369-7550
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